Mad Max

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 20:01 -- bartlett

It’s always a pleasure to work with couples who have vast experience at sea and Mad Max, ZYD Design 0595, is no exception. This design was commissioned in the fall of 2005 by a spirited San Francisco couple planning to cruise the coastlines of the continental United States, from Maine through the Panama Canal, up the west coast to the San Juan Islands and beyond.

The concept from the get-go was to provide a comfortable platform on which to enjoy the marine environment. While the yacht has the ability to sleep eight (two of which are pull-out toddler beds), the experienced husband and wife team manage the boat for the most part by themselves with occasional family and guests on board.

Good performance, from a speed and sea-keeping perspective, was a very strong consideration in the design. Mad Max is designed with a waterline beam that is relatively narrow for her length. Weight is kept to a minimum by utilizing lightweight composites in both the fiberglass parts and the interior cabinetry. The hull bottom and propulsion system are engineered to provide an efficient, comfortable and level ride.  The end results were proven when initial sea trails were held on a cold December day in Thomaston, Maine, where Mad Max performed flawlessly; easily attaining plane and surpassing her projected top speed, all the while feeling as agile as a boat half her size.

Mad Max

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62’ 3”
18’ 6”
Draft (Total): 
4’ 2”
Displacement (50%): 
83,630 lb
Standard Power: 
(2) CAT C-18 1,000 hp @ 2300 rpm
Speed (Cruise): 
24 kt
Speed (Max): 
32 kt
Fuel Cons. (Cruise): 
59 gph
Range (Cruise): 
705 nm
1824 gal
430 gal
Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding
Summer 2008