Our Process

From Eye to Hand

Zurn Yacht Design adheres to an efficient and thorough design and build process. Once Doug meets with a client, and before he returns to his desk, ideas are percolating. Drawings are visualized in his mind’s eye, then translated into an unparalleled combination of aesthetics and engineering aided by modern tools.

The moment of truth arrives when Zurn unveils his work. “The design comes out and relaxes on the drawing table,” Zurn says. “If it’s not relaxed and balanced, it’s changed.” 

Next, the firm works with custom and production builders large and small to create the industry’s most sought-after yachts. Project management, including three-dimensional visualizations and material specifications, is handled via phone, email, paper, and real-time web conferencing to ensure accurate, accountable, and timely transfer of data. Builders and vendors are supplied with updated drawings and information. The firm responds quickly to shop-floor questions so that production never needs to wait for engineering. 

“My designs are about taking advantage of technology, core materials, high-strength fabrics—the best that is out there,” Doug says. “These boats last a long time.”