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Vendetta is big sister to the Shelter Island Runabout and keeps with Zurn’s blend of classic styling and speed, while offering a much larger platform from which to enjoy Long Island Sound and quick jaunts to other coastal destinations. Styled in the classic manner of the commuter yachts of the 1920s, Vendetta boasts ample cockpit space and luxurious interior appointments, yet is lean enough to roar down Long Island Sound leaving other yachts in her wake.

Weighing considerably less than other yachts of her size, Vendetta glides atop the open ocean at speeds approaching fifty knots on an advanced composite hull built of hybrid Kevlar infused over a foam core. Twin 1,300 horsepower MAN diesels coupled to POWER-VENT ® Marine Drive System quietly drone in a well-insulated engine room. A relatively narrow, modified-V hull, with plumb bow, slight rocker forward, and straight sections aft, makes for an admirable performer, whether ambling in the calm of a secluded cove or piercing wind-whipped swells on an open sea.

"Her appearance harks back to a bygone era of Long Island Sound commuter boats, combined with the performance and speed of The Shelter Island Runabout. She will provide a quick, smooth ride in the often short chop of Long Island Sound and the menacing Hell Gate” -Doug Zurn

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56’ 4”
15’ 0"
Draft (Total): 
3’ 11”
Displacement (50%): 
40,850 lb
Standard Power: 
(2) MAN V-12-1,300 hp
Speed (Cruise): 
41 kt
Speed (Max): 
47 kt
Fuel Cons. (Cruise): 
98 gph
Range (Cruise): 
273 nm
684 gal
132 gal
Coecles Harbor Marine/Derecktor Shipyards
Summer 2005