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For this special project the customer required two unique boats of equal performance and handling to serve as tenders to his expedition yacht. The twin tenders would be stowed in cradles on the bow and be deployed at sea and in different ports around the world by the mothership’s crane. 

Zurn Yacht Design was commissioned for the design of the two utility vessels with identical hulls and propulsion packages, but with two very different deck layouts. One is a center console with an oversized T-Top, large protective console, and wrap-around forward seating.  The other, referred to as the “dive boat”, has a traditional short cabin trunk and enclosed pilothouse. Both boats have step-through transoms and side doors for easy access to and from the water, well-placed grab rails and hand holds, and performance-style bolster seats which are removable when extra deck space is needed.

Given the very nature of their use, the boats need to be strong, light weight, and durable. By using advanced materials and well-engineered composite laminates, Zurn Yacht Design was able to achieve these goals. In order to keep weight to a minimum, the boats were built with epoxy impregnated fabrics over foam core. 

In addition to being light weight and durable, they needed to fit with the unique military aesthetics of the mothership. Design cues were garnered from the mothership herself, and from harbor pilot and security boats encountered on her journeys.




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27’ 6”
9’ 3”
Draft (Total): 
2’ 4”
Displacement (50%): 
7,328 lb
Standard Power: 
(2) Volvo D3 220 hp sterndrive
Speed (Cruise): 
33 kt
Speed (Max): 
44 kt
Fuel Cons. (Cruise): 
15 gph
Range (Cruise): 
320 nm
150 gal
Boston BoatWorks
Summer 2010