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Zurn Yacht Design was asked to create a 40-foot yacht that could be ISO Certified Category A Ocean, the highest rating of seaworthiness and safety available, while maintaining the MJM brand’s trademark performance and efficiency. Only one other yacht of this size, a heavy trawler, had been so designated so the task at hand took diligent work in every aspect of the design to create strength while maintaining light weight. The design brief was met and the 40z is a remarkable powerboat. 

Her twin Volvo IPS 500 drives push her to  a 33-knot cruising speed and top speed near 40. These same drives give her station-keeping abilities and joystick control while docking. For those who don’t like to roll the optional Seakeeper gyrostabilizer will increase comfort and reduce fatigue at rest and underway. 

“The 40z offers performance, efficiency, operating ease, and peace of mind that’s simply not available in other luxury yachts her size,” according to MJM’s Bob Johnstone. “She provides all the comfort you’d want for a weekend cruise or a Bahamian adventure.”

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In 2003 the forward-thinking team of Zurn Yacht Design, MJM Yachts headed by Bob Johnstone, and high-end composite builder Mark Lindsay’s Boston BoatWorks created the MJM line of powerboats. Working together they have established new standards in design, construction, and performance. All MJM yachts are designed to be efficient and practical, featuring easily-driven lightweight hulls with modern propulsion. Living accommodations are exquisite in choice of materials and creative use of space. More than 200 MJMs have been built and the partnership of Zurn Yacht Design, MJM, and Boston BoatWorks continues to advance the initial design goals of efficiency, simplicity, strength, performance, and beauty.


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44’ 0”
12’ 0”
Draft (Total): 
3’ 4” (IPS)
Displacement (50%): 
18,910 lb
Standard Power: 
(2) Volvo IPS 500 hp
Speed (Cruise): 
32.5 kt
Speed (Max): 
38 kt
Range (Cruise): 
342 nm
350 gal
100 gal
Boston BoatWorks
Fall 2008