Vanquish 24

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 19:30 -- bartlett

Initially commissioned as a modern version of the traditional mahogany runabouts of upstate New York, the Vanquish 24 is equally at home on lakes and coastal waters anywhere. The Vanquish 24 uniquely fills the void between classic runabouts and modern day cruisers.   This classically-styled day-yacht features a seaworthy hull, efficient performance characteristics, advanced composite construction, and luxurious features seldom found on a boat of her size. Her superior engineered hull features a sharp entry for slicing through the water, and a flared bow to deflect spray. Wide chines, lifting strakes, and a 16-degree deadrise at the transom provide ample lift and give the boat enhanced stability, sea-keeping, and efficient performance. Her conventional inboard power places the center of gravity at the center of the boat, and a propeller pocket reduces the shaft angle, providing more forward thrust and requiring less draft. 

The boat is a pleasure to operate. Hopping-up on plane quickly and evenly, without any bow-lift, and accelerating smoothly through the entire speed range. She tracks though turns and effortlessly slices through any chop.

Her stunning good-looks, reminiscent of a bygone era, are comprised of a proud stem-profile, flared topsides that transition along her subtly-sweeping sheer to tumblehome aft, which ends at a nicely radiused transom.

Through the years, the beauty and versatility of this design has leant itself to several iterations including center console and dual console layouts with inboard or outboard power. Further developments in design include a wrap-around settee, wet bar, and even a walk-through transom, allowing the owner to setup his boat for optimal use and enjoyment of the water.

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Vanquish 24

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 19:31 -- bartlett
25’ 8”
8’ 0"
Draft (Total): 
1’ 7”
Displacement (50%): 
4,200 lb
Standard Power: 
330 hp
Speed (Cruise): 
28 kt
Speed (Max): 
33 kt
Fuel Cons. (Cruise): 
22.7 gph
Range (Cruise): 
163 nm
66 gal
Vanquish Boats
Winter 2003