Monomy 21

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In today's increasingly popular small boat market there exists a certain challenge to generate new ideas in design, construction and performance. The discriminating sailor desires a perfect medley of old and new, seeking a boat that is ahead of its time in build quality yet timeless in appearance. The Monomoy 21 is a moderately built, high-performance Daysailer, utilizing the latest advancements in construction techniques blended with the classic lines and charm of a traditional wooden boat. 

Above the waterline, the Monomoy 21 appears as a true classic: a narrow beamed hull accented by a traditional sheer line, counter transom and varnished coaming boards. The weather deck is open and uncluttered, featuring wide, flat surfaces around the cockpit to comfortably accommodate several crewmembers. The sharp, plumb bow knifes through chop when charging upwind, while the shallow, flat bottom permits easy planing when on a close reach.

The Monomoy 21 can be configured either as a keel or centerboard boat making for an extremely versatile craft.  Trimmed out with the board down, she points upwind like one would expect from a true racing hull. Haul the board up, however, and she easily slips into protected coves for an afternoon picnic on the beach. Zurn Yacht Design selected twin rudders to maximize boat performance and maneuverability in restricted waters. For those with no draft restrictions, a bulb keel option with a single spade rudder is available providing superior performance under all conditions.

On deck, one discovers a deep cockpit that provides comfortable seating for four within the safe confines of the coaming boards. Ample stowage is located forward beneath the deck and aft under a pair of opening hatches. A laminated mahogany and ash tiller is accompanied by a lightweight tiller extension, permitting the skipper to move about the cockpit with ease.

The cockpit sole is located above the waterline, and automatic bailers, located along the outboard edge of the sole, keep everything dry at any speed or angle of heel. In addition, supplemental flotation is supplied at both ends of the hull.

Sails include a roller furling, self-tacking jib, loose footed, full-battened main and optional symmetrical spinnaker for fast reaching. Halyards, jib sheets and furling line exit on a central shelf at the forward end of the cockpit, just aft of the foredeck. The spinnaker halyard exit, centerboard hoist, and adjustments for the mainsheet and traveler are all within easy reach of the helmsperson. The sheeting angle of the jib is readily adjusted from within the cockpit for optimum trim, and spinnaker sheets are run under the deck to their respective sets of ratchet blocks and cam cleats.

The hull, main deck, bulkheads and soles are built using modern cored composites, which offer an extremely light, yet highly durable, structure. At just over 1,400 pounds displacement, the Monomoy offers easy trailering and launching from a boat ramp or dry sail area. Lightweight aluminum spars increase positive stability of this ballasted centerboard Daysailor and make stepping a breeze for one person with the aid of a hinged mast step.

Whether out for a solo run or in the company of a few fellow sailors, the Monomoy 21 is easy to quickly rig and launch, well behaved under sail, and her simple, attractive lines instill a pride in ownership that can only come with a design that is as well thought out in form as she is in function.


Monomy 21

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 22:23 -- bartlett
20’ 10”
6’ 7”
Draft (Total): 
1’ 9” / 4’ 0”
Displacement (50%): 
1,240 lb
200 lb (Internal)
Sail Area: 
176 sq ft
C.W. Hood Yachts
Fall 1996